Dial My Balance Service

Introduced for the first time in Oman by Bank Nizwa, ‘Dial My Balance” Service is a seamless digital banking service that allows customers to register and instantly receive their updated account balance via SMS.

How do I Subscribe?

Call 24950500 to register your phone number. The registration only needs to happen once.

How can I receive my account balance?

After registering your phone number,simply follow the following steps to receive your account balance on the spot:

Step 1:

Dial 24950555 (you will be disconnected automatically)

Step 2:

Receive Balance via SMS

Who is eligible for this service?

Bank Nizwa current and savings accounts customers whether individual or joint account holders

Service Charges

Service Charges include 9 baisa per SMS with a limit of a maximum of 55 SMSper month.

Can get this service if I’m outside the Sultanate?

If you have already registered your number, Simply Call +96824950555, you will receive your account balance instantly via SMS If you have not yet registered your number previously you will need to register by calling +96824950500, then you can avail the service by calling +96824950555 to receive an SMS with your account balance. Charges will remain the same whether calling from inside or outside the Sultanate.

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