Deposit Products & Offerings

Current/Checking Account

Based on the principle of Qard Al Hasan, this account can facilitate your business transactions and help you issue cheques to your suppliers and vendors. There is no minimum balance required to be maintained in the account.

Key Benefits

  • No minimum opening balance
  • No minimum balance fee
  • No restriction on transactions
  • Free Quarterly Statements
  • Quick chequebook issuance
  • Over-the-counter cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Ability to set up Standing Instructions
  • Payment Order facility
  • Local and international remittances
  • Inward and outward clearing
  • Foreign Currency cheque collection
  • Available in Omani Rial and other major foreign currencies

Call Account

This is a Sharia compliant product that caters to flexible investment or deployment of your surplus funds based on the concept of Mudaraba. Under the Call Account, you have the flexibility of investing and withdrawing after an agreed notice period, while maintaining an average monthly balance for certain targeted potential profit, as per the tiered indicative profit rates.

Key Benefits

  • Instant availability of Call Account funds to meet any shortfalls in your Current Account
  • Access to funds in Call Account with just 3 business days’ notice
  • Optional access to other value-added facilities such as Internet Banking

Term Investment Account

Based on the principles of either Wakala or Mudaraba, this is a form of a profit-bearing investment account. You invest with the Bank, and the Bank manages your funds in a Sharia compliant manner for a specific targeted return. The Bank periodically posts a Profit-Sharing Ratio (PSR), whereby the returns are based on how the invested funds perform.

For Mudaraba Investment, the profit rates are published and can be found on the Bank’s website. For Wakala Investment, profit rates are negotiable and agreed at the time of investment.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible tenures, depending on your business needs
  • Available in Omani Rial and other major foreign currencies
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