Corporate Call Account

Bank Nizwa offers a suite of Sharia compliant accounts and investments products for day-to-day banking transactions – Current Account, Corporate Call Account, and Mudaraba or Wakala Investment Account – which generate returns based on the actual performance of the business, or those entered into by Bank Nizwa on behalf of the client.

Bank Nizwa Corporate Call Account has been designed as an alternative to conventional bank deposit or call account. The Corporate Call Account comes with a transparent profit calculation mechanism and provides clarity on the expected return on investment, based on tiered indicative profit rates. It offers businesses the flexibility of investing and withdrawing, while maintaining an average monthly balance for a targeted potential profit.


  • Sharia compliant account
  • Open to all corporates
  • Quick access investment account
  • Profit calculated on monthly basis
  • ‘Sweeping Option’ for instantaneously funding any shortfall in Current Account with funds available in Corporate Call Account
  • Availability of other banking facilities such as Corporate Internet Banking


  • Tiered profit rates based on account average monthly balance
  • Add-on to Current Account
  • No chequebook or cards
  • 3 business days Call Notice Period
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